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Chelation Therapy helps YOU live the life YOU Long For

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First of all, you will probably need new glasses. Chelation improves blood flow even down to the very small capillaries in the eyes. The improved circulation  improves eyesight and in some persons has reversed effects of macular degeneration.

Second, you will need new clothes. Those tiny gall stones you didn’t know you had that were screwing up your digestive system are now dissolved.  Your liver and gallbaldder get a new lease on life and regain the ability to do their job, generating and regulating bile for proper digestion. With a balanced digestive system, body  mass  tends to balance itself in proportion to body  movement and exercise.

 Third, you will need new shoes. With an improved total circulation system, you will walk further, and that shortness of breath that prevented you walking in the first place will gradually disappear. Your system will be able to absorb the nutrients the body desparately needs, which will in turn give you more energy to do “other stuff”. Speaking of other stuff, those outer extremities that you thought were dormant may just surprise you.

Fourth,  you can fire that accountant/ tax advisor. Your memory will improve to the point you don’t need  anyone managing your money or doing your taxes. Those relatives and former friends you thought you had forgot now occupy daily thought.

 (Note, not all are happy with this fact, but it comes with the territory.)


Those medications you were told you need for the rest of your life can now be gradually discontinued. Blood pressure, high cholestorol, arterial plaque, and memory slowly return to normal values.  And that bypass surgery you thought would arrive someday, can probably be put off for a very long time, maybe indefinitely.

Sixth, you will eat out more often. Food will taste good again, and you will not be afraid to eat things  that formerly upset your digestive system. You will, for once, actually feel like leaving the house to experience new places and new tastes.

And last, but not least,  that circulation system of yours is over 300,000,000 feet in length. Fixing one or two inches or even a foot is great, but what about the other 299,999,999 feet?   Chelation is  100% effective in removing toxic metals from all those miles of the  circulatory system.   By attracting any  toxic chemicals and metals out of the system the free radical effect that  creates out of control cell division is greatly reduced.

I realize whats is said above is hard to believe, but these statements reflect my personal experience  for muself and other patients for the past twelve (12) years.  In 1997  at age 55 I had a heart attack, and was prescribed medications that made me tired and absolutely useless. Consequently, I sought a better system of improving the heart and the circulation system. I began reading and found the reference to Chelation in the back of Phyllis Balch’s book  “A Prescription for Nutritional Healing”. At the time, it wasn’t covered by insurance, but as luck would have it, I had just bought stock that had skyrocketed in value.  Although Chelation has improved my heart tremendously, it’s benefits go well beyond that.  It truly is a “health enhancement and recovery system”. It  will clean your blood, clear your arteries, cleanse your liver, lower your blood pressure, save you from senility, and remove toxins from your body.

None of us are going to live forever,  but Chelation gives us all a safe, effective , and a non-invasive method to achieving a healthy lifestyle well into the “Golden Years” and beyond. When someone asks me “ Phil, how are you?”, my answers is, “If I were any better, I couldn’t stand it!”


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