Cottage Clinic


Who is Bill Allin?

Bill Allin is an author, a teacher and the director of some of the world’s most renowned natural health clinics. For over 35 years Bill Allin has traveled worldwide studying natural health in many forms, training medical professionals, and writing books on health enhancement and recovery. As of late Bill has opened The Cottage Clinic to focus on a select few cases that have to do with cardiovascular health, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and weight loss solutions.


What makes The Cottage Clinic distinctive?

At The Cottage Clinic we focus on overall health enhancement and recovery. By using the live cell microscopy we have a clear window into the body and health. By looking straight into the body we are able to see, without exaggeration, anything and everything that is happening in your body. The Cottage Clinic works on specific cases that are high priority, focusing on cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, weight loss and other health issues. We offer guaranteed results, 365 day support, and offer progress reports during the entire recovery program.


What does a recovery program entail?

 By assessing each specific case through an in depth, personal consultation that includes a live blood cell analysis we are able to customize programs for every individual. Generally speaking a program would include EDTA chelation, nutrition support, hormonal rebalancing, nutritional rebalancing, and cleansing each of all of the body’s major systems. Each program is tailored to the individual by custom creating different blends of all of these, and other, nutritional based recovery tools to ensure total health enhancement and recovery based on the client’s specific health concerns. Due to the personal and customized nature of our programs each recovery program would entail a different series of cleansing, rebalancing, and chelating tactics


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